Minggu, 17 Januari 2016


GoPro is an action camera which is suitable for use in the move in outdoor. In adorn camera market in the world there are some advantages and disadvantages which is on the main GoPro.Kelebihan owned GoPro namely in terms of size very small than the camera in general. The design is very compact, and waterproof
GoPro makes very flexible to use and placed in various positions in both the land and in water. Video recordings generated GoPro has never been disappointing. GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition, capable of recording images up to 4K quality 30 FPS. So despite their small size, the image quality is equivalent with a DSLR camera.

Another advantage that makes the GoPro is very interesting is the number of accessories provided for taking pictures under various conditions. There is mounting for dibadan, helmets, sled, in the wrist, even mount that can be placed in a body binatang.Kelebihan last of GoPro cameras which are the availability of software support very complete, especially for mobile Apps for iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone. With these Apps, you can make a cell phone, view finder to check the position the object to be taken, and transfer files from GoPro to the phone so that it can directly uploaded to social media.

GoPro weakness is most often felt by loyal users is capacity the battery can only last 1 to 2 hours. In contrast to the DSLR camera or camera another has a larger battery capacity. Memory capacity is very small, while the size of the video recorded by GoPro is very large, for 1 hour of videoup to 20 GB. But it is very reasonable because the initial function GoPro camera it is only suitable for recording the moment that its duration is not too long. For those of you who often traveling, it is advisable to have a backup memory so
you do not worry running out of memory when you want to use GoPro to capturing moments

GoPro next shortage is only focused on recording feature, so to feature shooting still not equal when juxtaposed with DSLR camera. This compact camera also not equipped with Optical Image Stabilization so that in case of shocks when you record an image will be quite pronounced. However, currently available software Additional Digital Stabilization so that the picture is not too rocking.

GoPro latter weakness is the price of accessories that is relatively quite expensive , GoPro Black is priced around $ 499, Silver $ 399, $ 129 and the Hero. As for mounting priced starting from $ 20 - $ 50. So to be able to use GoPro in various activities, users must purchase a mount which is relatively