Minggu, 17 Januari 2016

Fujifilm X-Pro2

Fujifilm finally officially released the camera mirrorless X-Pro 2 in the event at its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Friday (15/01/2015). The new camera is already waiting long enough. Since the launch of X-Series product line with the X-Pro1 camera in 2012 ago, Fujifilm has not released his successors. Indeed, they put out a variety of product lines other X-Series, such as X-T1, X-E2, X100ST and X30. But the X-Pro1 just alone, up to today's launch of the next generation. Display X-Pro2 turns according to the photos which had circulated. There are a number of changes to the layout, but overall giving the impression of a classic of the same. The biggest difference will be felt when the user touches a small lever that serves as a means of selecting the focus point. In the specification camera This new line sits in the highest class of X-Series and for the first time Fujifilm using a sensor with a strength of more than 16 megapixels.

X-Pro2 uses X-Trans CMOS III with resolution of 24 megapixels, combined with latest processor X-Processor Pro is capable of shooting up to eight frames per second. This camera autofocus system has 273 points, 77 points of which use technology phase detection and covers 40 percent of the frame. Shutter speed was increased to 1/8000 sec, compared to his elder brother who is only 1/4000 sec. As well as
flash sync speed to increase to 1/250 sec. Now in X-Pro2 also has there is a WiFi connection that is useful to move the image to the phone. There are also two memory slots, increase the screen resolution of up to 1.62 million dots and changes in the user interface of the camera. As written by TheVerge, Friday (15/01/2016), the user can get X-Pro2 began in February 2016 at a price of US $ 1,700.