Jumat, 16 November 2012

Nikon D5200

Nikon again presents its newest DSLR. Nikon D5200 presented to replace Nikon D5100, which have long marketed. Physically, the body design is similar to D5200 Nikon D5100. Flexible LCD screen that can be rotated and folded measuring 3 inches with 921,000 point level image density is the same as in the Nikon D5100. Nikon D5200 uses a CMOS sensor resolution of 24.1 MP and supported by support Nikon EXPEED processor 3. This is clearly superior to the Nikon D5100 which only comes with 16.1 MP CMOS sensor and Nikon EXPEED 2 processor.

With Nikon's EXPEED 3 processor support tougher to make the Nikon D5200 used for the continuous shooting speed 5 fps. Recording video is also better with video capture at resolutions up to Full HD 1080p 60 fps with the results record voice more clearly thanks to the stereo microphone embedded in the body. For shooting in dark conditions Nikon D5200 comes with a choice of ISO option is quite complete set of ISO 100 to ISO 6400. If the ISO option is sorely lacking it can still be raised to ISO 25600 via HI2 mode. You will also be photographing the facilitated the Nikon D5200. 

Nikon D5200 brings 39 point autofocus system belongs to the Nikon D7000 and metering is more accurate to rely on sensor-pixel RGB metering 2.016. With Nikon D5200 you can also create effects through the choice of modes available in 7 choice. Among Selective Colour, Miniature, High and Low Key, Silhouette, Colour Sketch Night Vision and all of which can be used in a photo or video mode. And thanks to its Live View feature, you can also directly view the photos that have been Such filters are applied either directly before you decide to photographing the subject. Do not forget Nikon also complete with wireless connectivity support.

Through the optional wireless module Nikon WU-1a is sold separately, you can now Nikon D5200 connects to iOS and Android devices. Nikon D5200 will go on sale in December 2012 at a price of approximately U.S. $ 1,150 for body only and is available in 3 colors like matte black, glossy bronze and candy red.

Nikon D5200 Features at a glance :
Sensor       : 24.1 MP CMOS
Processor  : Nikon EXPEED 3
Screen       : 3-inch LCD Full Articulated 921,000 dots
Video        : 1920 x 1080 (60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps), 1280 x 720 (60, 50 fps), 640 x 424 (30, 25 fps)
Memory    : SD / SDHC / SDXC
Wireless    : Optional
Battery      : Lithium-Ion EN-EL14
Weight       : 555 grams
Dimensions: 129 x 98 x 78 mm

Sabtu, 06 Oktober 2012

Canon EOS - M

Canon has announced the mirrorless camera or commonly referred to as a compact system camera (CSC) of the first generation with the name Canon Canon EOS-M mount lenses using the new EF-M.

Like the other mirrorless cameras, the Canon EOS-M comes with a size that is only slightly larger than a pocket camera and no viewfinder. Instead, available LCD capacitive touch screen measuring 3 inches with a density level of 1 million pixels.

Canon EOS-M is the first digital camera with a multi-touch screen, no internal flash. Users need to plug an external flash that can be purchased separately.

Canon EOS-M comes with the same specs as the Canon EOS 650D DSLR camera. Hybrid Sensor CMOS APS-C 18 MP resolution with support for Canon's DIGIC 5 processor used in the EOS 650D is also reliable in-M to produce photo quality, sharp. Hybrid CMOS AF autofocus system of the 650D is also applicable here. You can choose a 31 point autofocus auto, face detection / tracking and AF one common point.

Not only that, the Canon EOS-M also comes with features like Canon's latest latest DSLR cameras Canon EOS 650D. Such as Handheld Night Scene, HDR Backlight Control, and Multi Shot Noise Reduction to reduce noise annoying when shooting in low-light conditions.

Canon EOS-M can also be used to record high quality Full HD video with stereo sound. And for those who love to explore the photo shoot, the Canon EOS-M has also been equipped with features such as Toy Camera Effect creative, Grainy B & W, and Fish Eye. The durability of the battery reach 230 shots, a little over a pocket camera but a little way below average battery life of a DSLR camera beginner class.

To support the performance of Canon lenses and accessories are also present complement. There are two new lenses for the Canon EOS EF-M-M 22mm f / 2 pancake and STM-M Canon EF 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM, Canon Speedlite 90EX flash and lens adapter EOS EF-M so that you can EF lenses and EF-S at the camera. Canon EOS-M comes in 4 colors: black, white, red and silver.

Minggu, 16 September 2012

Sony Cybershot DSC - RX1

Sony Cybershot DSC-RX1 is the first digital pocket camera in the world with a full sensor or full-frame 35 mm. RX1 uses 24 MP CMOS sensor measuring 36x24mm, the equivalent of a full-frame DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5D, Nikon D800 and Sony Alpha A99. One thing that is a lens priority. RX1 using a 35mm f/2.0 Carl Zeiss lens. The range of this lens is ideal for both portrait, photo shooting street and everyday purposes. 
If you need longer range, Smart Teleconverter RX1 has a function that can do the cropping in the middle, so that magnify images up to 1.4 x or 2x (equivalent to 49 mm or 70 mm). Image quality does not seem to be reduced, given the large sensor size and high resolution. Its appeal lies in its compact design. During this time, a camera with a full-frame sensor is present in the body is large and heavy. But Sony Cybershot RX1 only weighs 482 grams with a body width of 113 mm, small enough to be worn all day without burdening users. Features embedded in the RX1 quite complete.
There is a mode MR (Memory Recall) which stores 3 camera settings, video recording mode Full-HD 60p, 13 Creative Style, Auto HDR, D-Range Optimizer, Digital Level Gauge and Picture Effect option. Sony has provided a variety of accessories to RX1. Among them there are FDA-EV1K (electric viewfinder) for $ 600, FDA-V1K (optical viewfinder) for $ 450. Thumb grip, lens hood and jacket case will also be available for a price of $ 250, $ 180 and $ 250. If the price of accessories alone is that much, you might not be surprised to learn that the Sony Cybershot camera RX1 itself will be sold in the price range of $ 2800. Specifications of Sony Cybershot RX1: 
Sensor: CMOS Full Frame (35.8 x 23.8 mm) 24.3 MP 
Lens: Carl Zeiss T * t 35 mm f/2.0 (closest focus distance of 20 cm) 
Display: LCD 3-inch Xtra FineTFT (1.2 million points) 
Video: Full-HD 1920x1080 pixel (60, 50, 25, 24 fps), 1440 x 1080 (30, 25 fps), 1280 x 720 (30 fps), 640 x 480 (30, 25 fps).
Memory: SD / SDHC / SDXC, Memory Stick Duo / Pro Duo / Pro-HG Duo.
Battery: Lithium-Ion NP-BX1 (330 photos by CIPA).
Size: 113 x 65 x 70 mm Weight: 482 grams.

Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

Fujifilm FinePix XP50

Photographer who likes to be in extreme conditions will got a new choice of 'weapon of war'. Fujifilm digital camera will start sales in June 2012.

Resilient means this tool will be made waterproof, impact resistant, and is still strong in cold weather. Not only that, this tool can still be 'face' of dust and sand material. Series that will be coming soon in stores is the FinePix XP50 . FujiFilim armed with 14.1 MP CMOS sensor and 5x optical zoom with 2.7 inch LCD screen.

But of course, its main selling power there is in the toughness of the body. The camera is capable of operating in the water to a depth of 5 meters, and hardiness of a height of 1.5 meters. FinePix XP50 can also hold down the minus 10 degree Celsius weather.

With the revenue from the digital camera business continues to decline, manufacturers continue to look for products that could potentially steal the user's attention is more specific.

The camera itself is a 'family member' newest line of XP that focuses on durability. Quoted from PCWorld, Friday (25/05/2012), this camera will be released on June 6, 2012 with an estimated market price is $ 250.

There are five colors of choice on the design of this camera, such as blue, orange and green. Speed ​​and aim to achieve 10 fps, HD video recording capability in 1080 was on the speed of 30 fps.

Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012

Nikon D5100

Nikon D5100 is 16.2 megapixel camera that produces amazing image quality and image processing EXPEED best. With response capacity to 4.5 frames-per-second provide the powerand the grasp of a very perfect. Function Executif Nikon Scene Recognition System that can provide performance autofocus, white balance and many other functions are very useful in decision-quality images.

Vari-angle LCD Monitor 
Take pictures or record movies from a unique point of view, comes with Nikon D5100 provided by 3-inch LCD screen, super sharp, 921.000-dot Vari-angle. Browse all angle, with a shooting in the head, waist, candid, self-portraits. You will not belose the moment. Vari-angle LCD allows you to be creative of all point of view. D5100 incorporates special effects to use when taking photos or recording video Full HD. Selective color to isolate each color in the scene, capturing the details in placethat is too dark for your eyes by using Night Vision; makebecome brighter, Miniature Effect makes your pictures look like scale models miniature, and Color Sketch creates the effect as if made of colored pencils picture.

Full HD video 
D5100 has a performance of very high quality video for full HD capabilities with auto focus. Video capture can be done easily because the buttons ergonomically created that is easily accessible by your finger, is placed on the Live View Movie button and start. In addition, the resulting sound quality is also stereo.

Features HDR (High Dynamic Range)
In contrast to the extreme conditions, such as the bright, sunlit clouds and fore ground deep in the shadows, would be difficult to get all the texture detail. But you not to worry because the Nikon D5100 can combine the two exposures to makeimages with a wide dynamic range, but with less noise and color gradationricher than before. 

Amazing Picture Quality
Nikon D-SLR sensor using the latest technologies such as DX-format CMOS 16.2MP and EXPEED 2as the processor image processing, the D5100 provides exceptional image quality.Its CMOS sensor offers a very wide ISO range (ISO 100 to 6400) withlow noise level that allows you to take pictures at shutter speedsmore quickly and reduce the blur. Photographing or video capture is also onlywith hand grip will still look good even though in low-light conditions 

Specifications of the Nikon D5100 18-55mm VR Lens, 16.2 MP, 3 "LCD

Model                  : DSLR Camera
Size (L x W x H cm) : 12.8 x 9.7 x 7.9 cm
Weight (kg)               : 0.51 kg
Color                  : Black
Type                  : Nikon D5100
Display Size (in)        : 3.0
Megapixels               : 16.2
Features                   : HD Recording,SD Card,Li-Ion,Image Stabilization,Wide Angle
Inputs                 : 3.5mm jack|USB
Outputs                 : Component Video|Composite Video|3.5mm jack|USB|HDMI

Jumat, 20 April 2012

Panasonic Lumix GF 5

Panasonic announced its latest compact camera, the Lumix GF5. Digital cameras are claimed has comprehensive features and is able to enhance the photography experience of its users. Panasonic Lumix GF5 comes with the ability of 12 MP Live MOS sensor. This camera has an ability interchangeable lens system that allows the user to change lenses in accordance desire.

This new camera features include ISO sensitivity setting capability of up to 12800,
noise reduction system that includes a combination 3DNR (3D Noise Reduction) and MNR (Multi-Process Noise Reduction). The combination can reduce the level of interference, whether from the dark and bright images.

In addition, this camera is also equipped with 3-inch touch screen with the color density of 920 000 dot. Lumix GF5 can also record full audio video High Definition (HD) 1920 x 1080. camera AVCHD video format is produced. When the user activates the video recording mode,focus the camera lens on the object can be changed at will.

GF5 Lumix also has facilities such as Soft Focus filter, Dynamic Monochrome, Impressive Art, One Point Color, Cross Process, Low Key, Toy and Star Effect Filter. In addition,This advanced camera also has smart features such as Face Recognition, Intelligent D-range Control, Intelligent Scene Selector, and Intelligent ISO Control.

GF5 Lumix camera is available in various colors black, white and red. with the official price of around USD599 users get a camera with standard lens 14-42mm zoom. Panasonic also offers options for the price of USD749 for the camera with power zoom lens 14 - 42mm.