Sabtu, 24 Desember 2011

Sony A55 with Translucent Mirror Technology

Each time more and more digital cameras are produced by manufacturers with a variety of advantages and latest technology. Sony is one of the many camera manufacturers produces a rich variety of cameras, both compact cameras and DSLR cameras. DSLR is Digital Single Lens Reflector, means that the object that will be in the photo will be seen directly in the viewfinder through the reflection of the glass, so that what was seen to be captured by the sensor. At the moment the shutter button is pressed, the mirror reflection will be lifted and the resulting light received through the lens will be directly captured by a camera sensor that can be processed into a digital photo.

Sony does not cease to innovate to develop new technologies for digital cameras, one of the most recent discoveries that have been applied to the Sony A55 camera is the "Translucent Mirror Technology ™ ', yes .. with the symbols TM (trademark) because the technology is invented and patented by Sony Corporation. What are the advantages of this technology? What's the difference with regular DSLR camera?

The fundamental difference between the Translucent Mirror Technology when compared to the DSLR in general is the absence of reflection glass that will open up when the shutter button is pressed, and was replaced by Translucent glass that will miss the light received from the lens directly into the sensor and autofocus camera. This will obviously speed up the process of image storage and autofocus can work right away at any moment the image is saved. At least with this new technology, there is no mechanical movement (up and down the glass) that occurs at the instant the shutter is pressed. The loss of mechanical movement will certainly prevent the user from the camera shutter count problem that is often feared by DSLR users.

With this technology, then the speed burst shooting Sony A55 camera to be very fast, reaching 10fps (10 times for each second shots and precise autofocus each catapult), continuous autofocus is also true when the video mode that can record up to full HD . Sensors on the A55 camera is the "16,2 Megapixel HD CMOS APS Exmor Sensor". For other features in this camera meets the criteria for a decent camera to use, such as Auto HDR, up to a maximum of ISO 12800, 3-inch LCD, Full Live View, and is equipped with a panoramic 3D technology. Do you interested?