Rabu, 23 November 2011

Three new variants of the Kodak

Kodak EasyShare introduced three new variants. Three variants are equipped with keypad Share Application. This button allows people to send pictures to their favorite Internet sites such as facebook, twitter, and youtube. That product is the EasyShare M5350, EasyShare M5370 Touch, and the EasyShare EasyShare Z5010. The third variant has two other advantages besides Share Button Application. First, the face recognition. It is the ability to recognize faces when images ever photographed the first time ever uploaded to facebook or twitter. People who upload the photo to tag the names of people who are in the photograph. Now, while doing a new photo is automatically ace recognition to recognize the faces that ever photographed. Excess second is smart capture technology. It can automatically detect the occurrence and reduce the opacity and adjusts camera settings for different situations.

Kodak EasyShare M5350

Kodak EasyShare M5370

Kodak EasyShare Z5010

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