Sabtu, 19 November 2011

Smartphone Camera

Currently, many types of smartphones are produced by many leading brands. Each offers advantages to the specifications of the hardware is improved compared to previous products. Let us consider one of the things that become liabilities in a smartphone today, namely the camera. The camera has become an inseparable part of smartphone products. Along with the development of various advanced operating system for smartphones like the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry that offer additional features to capture the results of the smartphone camera.

For iPhone and Android users in the years 2010-2011 must have felt a lot of programs that can maximize the camera on a smartphone. Samsung as one of the smartphone vendors who are really serious about producing hardware in accordance with user preferences, especially for users of Android, in 2011 began to introduce the latest camera sensors are manufactured to be used on smartphones and point and shot camera to date. This type of CMOS sensor is SK3H2 for up to 8 megapixel resolution and has the ability to record video with resolution up to 30fps full HD 1080p.

Currently Samsung uses Back Side Illumination (BSI) Technology. This sensor is suitable to be implanted on the smartphone's camera because it has excellent ability in minimizing the use of battery power, making it suitable for smartphones to be more efficient battery. Previously Samsung has been producing this type of sensor FSI (Front Side Illumination), but the BSI technology with power consumption smaller than the FSI but the picture quality is just as good.
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