Jumat, 24 Juni 2011

Why Mini Camera ?

This is my first post on this blog about the Mini Camera. Many people buy a camera but do not know how to leverage and optimize their digital camera. Photograph is a universal language it's can tell anyone, it can speak more than a thousand words. A photograph can tell of events, events and history of human civilization. The beauty of an object can be immortalized by a photograph and the tools to do that is the Camera. The concept of photograph is to draw using light, this light that would focus the object with the aid of a camera lens.

Digital pocket camera is very practical to carry everywhere and maybe that's what causes the market segment is quite large compared to other types of digital cameras.
In addition easy to bring anywhere, a digital pocket camera offers decent photo quality results, and certainly cheaper than a digital SLR camera.

How long zoom lens on your pocket camera? Three, four, or five times optical zoom? Do you feel your camera's telephoto capability is still lacking? Imagine if you have a small pocket camera but has a long lens. Because of modern lens manufacturing capabilities, now a pocket camera could have a very flexible lens is capable of reaching a wide area (about 28mm) to telephoto extra (above 300mm) or practically superzoom lens (10X optical zoom, and even more).

At first, compact cameras have a zoom lens that is generally very standard, ranging from 35-105mm (equivalent to 3x optical zoom). To move away from the pressures of an increasingly sophisticated camera phones, camera manufacturers gradually began to increase in both the affairs of the wide range of up to telephoto, until the beginning there is a camera that is able to reach for example 35-200mm (equivalent to a 5x optical zoom) and some even have 28-200mm lens (equivalent to 7x optical zoom). With the increasingly wide range of focal lens pocket camera will enable the wearer to play a variety of composition and perspective, from wideangle to telephoto.
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